Rectangular Above Ground Pool Kits

Rectangular Above Ground Pool Kits

Rectangular Above Ground Pool Kits. The swimming pool is a great complement to the large backyard, the swimming pool will create a great time with family and provide very enjoyable sports facilities! Swimming pool is not the easiest development project. The average cost of swimming pool construction, even if you build it up, is around Rp300 million. Please note that in most cities, you are not allowed to build your own pool because you must have permission and certificates for swimming pools to be built. With this in mind, start with Step 1 to see what you are dealing with in the development process.

1 Pool design. You can start by designing the pool you want to wake up. Is it a round shape? Squares? How deep? What color do you want? The more complicated the design, the higher the cost.
2 Get build permissions. Contact the contractor and file a permit to the Local Government. You also have to ask permission RT (Neighborhood Neighborhood), because not all RTs allow the pool in the neighborhood. Your contractor may be able to apply for your permission, if they are experienced and quality services.

Please note that in some areas, swimming pools are subject to additional taxes and you can get into trouble if not registering your pool. This can be considered tax evasion.

3 Do the digging. Rent the necessary construction equipment (usually at least one backhoe-tractor) and excavate the area where the pool is. It’s important to have permission from the local government at this stage, because you certainly do not want to face the risk of destroying urban infrastructure pipes that you do not know.

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4 Flatten the ground. You should level the soil at the bottom of the pool as much as possible. Because it is important that the construction of walls and floors easier. There are many ways to flatten the ground, but if you want a floor that goes down in depth, you need someone experienced to do it.
5 Place the concrete frame of the wall. After the soil is dug and flattened, you are ready to install the wall frame. Started by installing wood and iron frames. Make sure the walls are flat and meet on each side.
6 Attach a series of pipes. Call a licensed plumber to come and install the required piping for the pool. You only need to create a supply and screening system that complies with your local regulations. Only experienced plumbers work on swimming pools that you can hire because the inexperienced will screw up your pool.
7 Run the electricity. Hire an electrician to install the electrical installation required for the lighting or filtering system. For this you also certainly need to hire a professional, can imagine what could happen if the poor electrical installation met with water.
8 Pour the concrete floor. When the pipe and power lines are in, you can start building walls and floors. Rent a car mixer of cement and pour concrete floor, smooth and puree after poured. Make sure you pay attention to the corner of the floor when building a pond with depth variations.
9 Build the pool wall. Once the floor is finished you can start building a wall. Pool walls are usually made with brick or concrete. You can discuss the benefits of using each of these materials with your contractor. Make sure the top of the wall is built flat and the height level of the surrounding soil is sufficient.
10 Coat the wall. The swimming pool requires a moisture barrier, to keep the water from seeping out. There are many different options, discuss with what contractor is right for you. Commonly used options include:

Basic plastic tube
Layer of cement
Plastic spray coating

11 Fill out the outside. Fill the area outside behind the pool wall. The filler material varies depending on where you live. Your contractor can propose the safest option vs. cheapest.
12 Fill the pool. When the swimming pool is over, you just fill it! Depending on how the piping system is, you can fill the pool with water from your own home water system or you can bring a water supply company to fill your pool. Enjoy!

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