Seasonal Allergies Symptoms

Air heating improves allergy symptoms
Residue dust mites occupy allergy sufferers throughout the year, but in winter it is usually even stronger. Because they die because the heating air is dry, crushed and inhaled more intensively. Contact with allergenic substances cannot be avoided at all – however, you can do many things.
Seasonal Allergies Symptoms
Sandra is worried about her twelve-year-old son, Mike, at some point because she does not seem to be at all healthy:

“Yeah, he got a very bad breath, he always itches and sore eyes and always a cold, so he seems always cold.”

An allergy test brings up the explanation: Mike has a clear allergic dust mite allergy. His immune system creates fear when he deals with dirt and dead animal remains. For people who are not allergies are not harmful at all. Unfortunately, there are always and everywhere mites.

“It has nothing to do with cleanliness or hygiene because dust mites occur naturally in our living room and feel very comfortable in the bedding every day, because there is only humidity and heat the animals need to breed properly.”

Therefore, the most important measure is to make bed allergens. This is best accomplished with special protective coverings – so-called encasings for mattresses, blankets, and pillows. Also, Sandra worries that for her son.

“We have a set of health insurance, it feels like plastic even cracked during sleep, which is not so much fun.”

Protective, anti histamine, hyposensitization
A good protective layer is not cracked! On the one hand, a good protective cover is so dense that it not only holds mites, but also allergens – on the other hand, they carry night sweats. Many public health insurance subsidize such payments or even pay them fully if allergies have been diagnosed by a doctor. However, each fund has its own rules:

“Before buying, you should talk to the cashier about how it’s handled: whether they send you a set directly, or whether they have the option of choosing products for themselves.” Personal funds, that’s how they usually do not take this product. ”

The wrapper was lifted on the mattress and under the covers. Blanket covers and sheets should also be changed every two weeks and washed at least 60 degrees. Decomposition should not be washed more than three to four times a year, otherwise they will lose their protective effect. On top of that regular help aired, often sprayed dust or wet wiped floor. But sometimes it does not work without anti-histamine, says the allergist:

“It’s available in tablet form, like eye drops or just as a spray for the nose.”

These drugs are available on the table at the pharmacy. They help quickly and well, but only temporarily. Therefore, doctors recommend hyposensitization is called, because it attaches to the cause of allergies. The idea is that the immune system is slowly accustomed to substances that overreact without reason. For this purpose, allergens are given over a longer period of time – usually several years – allergens either as tablets, such as a drop or as a syringe. Even twelve-year-old Mike has been receiving this therapy for several weeks, his mother said.

“He got a shot, he can handle it well, yes, we hope it will improve slightly next year.”

Take allergies seriously before becoming asthmatic
In some cases, hyposensitization is so helpful that they are completely symptom-free for a long time. In others, at least alleviate the symptoms, and others do not feel any positive effects at all. But it’s clear who has a dust mite allergy home, who should take this seriously. With almost no other allergies, the risks are so great that chronic colds become chronic asthma.

“The bad thing is, these are allergens throughout the year and the risk of getting asthma is greater than having seasonal allergies, pollen allergies.”